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Image Description Here Image Description Here Pros: Corey Duffel recently got back from the Equator with Osiris. Following that he did a signing with the Foundation guys at Active. Jason Adams is busy filming for the "God Save the Label" Black Label video and touring with Dekline. Gareth is what I like to call him. Judging from the lack of updates on his website I'm gonna have to say that is has something to do with this. Louie Barletta just finished a Transworld interview that can be seen in one of the previous issues. To keep up to date with all Louies shenanigans check out the Enjoi website. Patrick Melcher also just got back from a Dekline trip with Skateboard Mag photographer Rodent and other Pig Wheel riders Matt Ball, Gareth Stehr, and Jason Adams. Melcher can also be seen lurking over at the Veece website or his personal website. Nuge has some footage posted over at the Circa Combat site that features some skating and some nonsense. Both a good watch though. Richie Jackson is busy at work finishing up his first ever Transworld video part. Set to premiere at the 10th annual Transworld Skateboarding awards. It's gonna be good. Matt Ball had recently suffered a injury on the Dekline tour he was on. He will be having surgery on his leg coming up in a couple weeks. Jeremy Reeves has been hard at work filming for the City video. Heres a look at his new Venture. Coming in hot! Neil Heddings has a board out on Creature now. And has been seen ripping Washington Street park on the regular. Look for his signature Pig Wheel to follow shortly... Ragdoll was seen last week at the Ambiguous signing they did for Active. Since he was recently added to the Crimson lineup expect tons of coverage from the Vegas ripper. Ams: Adrian Mallory has been busy traveling around with Creature. His latest travels landed him in Japan for a couple weeks. Abdias Rivera was seen at the Foundation Active signing last weekend. Before that he was out in his local hometown Tampa, FL wrapping up a FTK interview. Dyson Ramones is living back and forth from Hawaii and Long Beach. Filming for the new Hurley video. John Lupfer is hard at work in LA. Working on a Skateboarder interview with Ezekiel TM Mikendo. Check out the Blog for more updates.
Posted May 26th, 2008
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