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Pig Wheels Neil Heddings fundraiser.

Anyone and everyone that lives within a 24hr drive of Burnside must go to Burnside to help support Neil's legal defense fund. I've met Neil a number of times and I cen tell you, with out a doubt, that Neil has been wrongly accused of this horrific crime. He loved Marty more than skateboarding itself! And he was madly in love with skateboarding. Neil is fighting the system! and we all know that is not easy, Neil's defense fund is almost paid, he just needs a little more. Check out the link below for all the info you need to go and support this fundraiser. Free-ing Neil Heddings is not free!! or call Cal's pharmacy at (503) 233-1237 to talk to someone in person.

If you wanna write to him and show your is the addy...

Neil Heddings, #200308867
Robert Presley Detention Center
P.O. Box 710
Riverside, CA 92502

Take some time, send him a postcard or something, he'd appreciate it.

Click to see flyer.

Posted August 11th, 2003 by el ztaffo

Pig Wheels Weeebsite Weeener for July!!!

What a weener! He is the big weener! Everyone likes a weener! Just shut up and tell us who weened and what they weened. Mark Lira from Boise, ID is the weeneer for the month of July. Booya! He wins a stocked up nice package from Pig Wood. The Count Slayer board, with the new Prime cut 51mm wheels a new Switchblade tee a Crown mesh cap so he can go trucking in IdaHo and some classic M-16 pants. Congrats Mark!!

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Posted August 5th, 2003 by el ztaffo
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