News From June 2003

Pig Wheels Pig wheels has some new wheel cuts & team changes.

Pig Wheels introduces the new Prime Cut and Gutter Cut Wheel shapes to add the many already existing great Pig Wheel shapes. The Prime cut shapes is cool looking wheel with a double sided groove cut that reduces the weight of each wheel by 12% and protects the graphic. The Gutter Cut shape has a deeper single sided groove that reduces the weight of each wheel by 16% and has an off set bearing seating that gives you more truck grinding area, protects your nut and axle while eliminating axle slippage. Both of these new cut are made with Pig's newest, highest quality urethane that gives you the hardest, whitest wheels that resists flat spotting.

Pig Wheels would like to welcome Nor Cal ripper Alan Peterson and Black Label's powerhouse Ben Gilley to its Pro Team.

Pig Ceramic Bearings has just won the highly acclaimed Fastest Bearing Award held at the Cintron Corp last week.

Posted June 18th, 2003 by I love cops.

Pig Wheels Introducing the new Hellbent concave by Pig wood.

Adrian Mallory, Charlie Castelluzzo, and Shuriken Shannon have been on a mission filming for an upcoming Pig Wood Video. Rumor has it that Vancouver's Jesse Booi might be joining the gang along with 16 year old terror Brian Hansen from San Diego? We will just have to wait and see eh.

Try Pig Wood's NEW Hellbent Concave "TM". Pig Hellbent Concave has a steeper nose and tail for maximum POP for maximum ollie power, which also increases strength and durability.

Posted June 18th, 2003 by el ztafool
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