News From February 2003

Pig Wheels Marty Heddings Memorial Fund.

Fellow team rider Neil Heddings needs your support. Neil's son Marty has recently had a very tradgic passing. Please go to and give all you can and help them fight the system. More details are on the Big Brother site.
Posted February 26th, 2003 by el ztaffo

Pig Wheels Pig wheels AND wood!

Pig Wheels would like to welcome James Atkin to it's Pig Wheels team.

Pig Wheels has been working with some new wheel formulas and upgraded it's dual durometer and hardcore urethanes. The best just got better! Try these new wheels out today. Only sold at the finest skateshops!!!!

The new Pig Ceramic bearings are the fasted, smoothest, and most durable bearing ever and will be in stock really soon.

The new Pig Wood ads will hit next month with San Diego local ripper Adrian Mallory exploding on the scene with a 2 page spread in TWS doing a krooks on a 14 step rail and another 2 page spread in Thrasher doing a fs nose pick in a huge pool. Yes, Adrian rips everything and so does his other Pig Wood teamates Shrieken Shannon and Charlie Castaloozo. A new Pig Wood video is in the works.

A new Pig Wood stencil series is out now!!! Pig Wood is made with the strongest, toughest, seven ply maple built for maximum pop.

Posted February 17th, 2003 by el ztaffo
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