News From July 2002

Pig Wheels The latest in Pig news is here!

Pig Ceramic Bearings: The fasted bearings just got faster! Pig Ceramic Bearings are *Lighter* than metal, *Highly Durable* doesnąt heat up like metal so bearing blow outs will not occur like they would with other bearings, Ceramic ball bearing will not Rust! *Longer Bearing Life*, *Faster* Ceramics are polished more to give you the fastest bearing ever!

A new Pig Pro wheel series is complete that includes the wheels of Ethan Fowler, Kris Markovich, Ryan Wilburn, "New Pro" The NUGE, Neil Heddings, "AM Wheel" Corey Duffel, and "Toy Machines" Austin Stephens and Jon West. Buy a set today.

Posted July 25th, 2002 by el piggy
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