News From May 2002

Pig Wheels Neil Heddings is now Pimpin the Pig Wheels.

Neil Heddings and Hollywood’s Brad Hiser are now both on Pig Wheels.
Let’s see here, the Pig team is Chris Pastras, Kris Markovich, Charlie Wilkins, Ryan Wilburn, Jon West, Satva Leung, Daniel Shimizu, Aaron Harrison, Ethan Fowler, Neil Hendrix, Neil Heddings, Matt Hensley, Brad Hiser, Corey Duffel, Austin Stephens, Nate Broussard, PJ Ladd, Justin Roy, Richie Belton, Don the Nuge, Mike Rusczyk, Tony Silva, Slayer and Charlie Daniels. Holeeee Cow!
Posted May 16th, 2002 by anonymous bastard

Pig Wheels SLAYER and Pig Wheels contest.

Thats right sukka fishes! We gots the hook up with SLAYER. Believe it or not, they are actual fans of Pig Wheels, they even ride em. Some of the Tum Yeto metal heads el ztaffo, Bobby Ferry, Greaser and Jones went backstage to their last show in SD and Slayer has Pig stickers on everything! Lead singer Tom was seen pimping a Pig sweatshirt. Go check out the SLAYER site and enter to win. Pig claims no responsibility for what you may see while on the Slayer site.
Posted May 2nd, 2002 by el ztaffo
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