News From June 2001

Pig Wheels Pig Wheels Tour.

Pig Wheels Tour: Again, no confirmation, but it’s looking like the Pig team will hit the road in November for a tour of the southwest. Churritos Ole!
Posted June 12th, 2001 by el staffo

Pig Wheels Daniel Shimizu pro news.

In other Dan Shimizu pro news, he will also be turning pro for Pig wheels. So watch out for his pro 52mm wheel design as well.
Posted June 12th, 2001 by el staffo

Pig Wheels Wenner for May!!!!

Super Piggly Wiggly Chris Eby takes home the bacon! He wins a Pig flame deck, matching Flame tee, OG Pig face tee, super dooper speedstar bearings, Pig park wheels, a big ass Pig skate bag, M-16 shorts, velcrow wallet, Pig "dog" tags, a patended soda opening skate tool and a belt. Holy Pig-o-mole!

Look for Chris around Baltimore rockin the Pig!

Enter for the June drawing!

Posted June 1st, 2001 by el staffo
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